Retaining wall Construction

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Types of retaining wall systems we can offer

  • Treated pine sleeper

  • Redgum sleeper

  • Concrete sleeper

  • Concrete form

  • Besa block and core fill

  • Gal H Beam Uprights

All our quotations include any moisture proofing and drainage required for the selected wall type and location

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All types of retaining wall construction

As we are generally the first contractor to start by cutting the site to level we introduced a retaining wall service after numerous enquires from our excavation clients .

We offer a large variety of options as well as removal of old or existing walls , assistance with council permits and advice on correct materials and design so you can be assured of a quality job that will give you the longevity . strength and visual appeal that a quality retaining wall should

Have your site excavated and prepared and your retaining wall constructed by one business contact us to find out how you can save time and reduce costs by working with EarthLine Excavations on more than one service

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