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We offer a complete demolition service including partial demolitions and strip outs . Both large and small structures as well as asbestos removal and soil remiediation

Some of our common demolition projects are

  • Large rural sheds and concrete slabs

  • House demoltion

  • Partial demolition on heritage overlay property

  • Concrete swimming pool removal

  • Large tree removal and property clearing

  • Concrete tank removal

“ We are specialists in the demolition and removal of all types of concrete structures both large and small “

Tight access and Heights

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Important things to consider

In addition tp our demolition services you may need the following

Demolition or building permit
Most councils will need to view a copy of the property title, this proves you are the owner of the property endnote attempting to demolish another persons property . They may also require a title plan and a plan of the existing structure

Planning permit
In some cases particuarly if your property has an environmental or heritage protection overlay attached you may need a planning permit

Abolishment of services
Before any demolition can commence , all the services need to be completely removed. When you speak with your providers make sure you ask for a complete abolishment of the services and not just a disconnection

Please contact us should you have any questions about the above


“ We have built a solid reputation for providing a fast and accurate demolition service , working alongside some of Melbournes best demolition companies such as Procat Demolition and Excavation services , we continue to expand our knowledge and experience in this industry providing our customers with the best options available for their project “


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